Why Is SEL Important, Especially Now?

CASEL SEL Reopening Roadmap

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Educators have long understood the benefits of SEL. Yet, the national conversation about why students need social-emotional learning is more ubiquitous than ever in 2020-21.

District leaders, educators, and students are facing the layered impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, racial inequities, and learning loss from the sudden shift to distance or hybrid learning.

According to CASEL’s SEL Roadmap for Reopening, it will be critical to focus on social-emotional supports—including but not limited to rebuilding relationships, fostering a sense of belonging, and cultivating rituals that contribute to a positive school climate (in person or virtual). This will ensure that students and adults can heal from the potential emotional distress and trauma brought on by the “twin pandemics” facing education.

In the words of a school district administrator:

“Before students dive into mathematics, ELA, science or social studies, we want to brainstorm with them and talk with them about how they feel. How have they been impacted by COVID-19? How have they been impacted by the shelter-in-place? We need to rebuild relationships, strengthen relationships, and really focus on healing our community.”

Here are additional resources on why SEL is more important than ever, including commentary and insights from school and district administrators:


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Larry Levenson
Larry Levenson
Larry Levenson is a co-founder of Circle Dynamics Group and a national leader in training adults across the country in emotional intelligence and the power of discussion circles for teens. He has a Master's degree in Human Development.

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