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The CLRS Approach: Practical Tools for Discovery and Connection
Students are complex. Their brains aren't fully developed, they've likely experienced some trauma in their lives, being at school this year is upsetting, and their best friend just insulted them.
And it goes on and on from there. We're sure you can relate. The struggles you experience in the classroom are pretty normal for children of all ages.
The good news is that there is a simple, proven framework that allows you to handle these upsetting events and manage your own emotions more effectively in those moments.



I've learned how to respond to powerful emotions and help our students self-regulate in these difficult situations.

Ten Tasks of Adolescent Development

Adolescence designates the teenage years between 13 and 19, and is typically seen as the transition period into early adulthood. However, the physical and psychological challenges of adolescence may begin as early as ages 9-12, better known as the “tween” years.
This time in a young person’s life is typically marked with exploration and confusion as they attempt to negotiate and develop their budding self-identity separate from their parents or guardians.
Self-doubt mixed with oppositionality, poor decision-making, and impulsiveness are all part of the adolescent process of developing the personal beliefs, traits, and characteristics that they will carry into young adulthood.
It is in a teacher’s best interest to always remember that the teen is just that . . . young women or men who are not yet fully functioning adults. You will have much better success with teens if you allow them to be the age they are, and not expect them to think, act, or respond beyond their years.

A New Approach for Educators

Applied Emotional Intelligence Skills
for Educators

Education today is no longer simply a domain of knowledge and expertise. It is a practice of emotional management and authenticity. We design and deliver programs that enhance the social-emotional development of educators and students.

We are currently booking training for the 2022-23 school year. We can provide your school district with effective train-the-trainer programs. These programs give new tools for educators to manage their own emotions during times of stress and uncertainty, and to help students of any age learn to self-regulate.

If you have an existing SEL program, we work alongside that to provide training and practice in using Curiosity, Listening, Respect, and Support (CLRS).

Learn more on our website, or click below to have a conversation with us.

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Larry Levenson
Larry Levenson
Larry Levenson is the founder of Circle Dynamics Group and a national leader in training educators in emotional intelligence and the use of genuine listening and curiosity in conversations with students. He has a Master's degree in Human Development.

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