Enhanced SEL Plan for a School District

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) involves teaching and facilitating skills that educators and students need to be successful at home, at school, in the workplace, and in life. Our CLRS Approach enhances traditional SEL efforts by providing educators with the simple tools needed to quickly build connection with students.

When both adults and students have social and emotional skills they have the ability to manage their emotions while interacting with others.

They can listen to the perspectives of others, be aware of cultural issues and differences, set and achieve goals, communicate effectively, and take personal responsibility for their learning.

The Model: A 12-week Train-the-Trainer Plan

  1. Cohort 1: Identify 25 teachers/trainers that are SEL ready/experienced. They take the 6-hour CDG training (online or live). Our goal is to find at least 6 leaders within this cohort to start off the District SEL Team.
  2. After completing the training, these educators are invited to attend our weekly Teacher Discussion Circles. These circles can be live or online (Zoom) and run 75 minutes each week. They are designed to support teachers who have completed the 6-hour training in developing or expanding their competency in the Educator SEL skills listed above.
  3. Teacher Discussion Circles are facilitated by CDG initially and gradually turned over to the 6 member SEL Team from Cohort 1 on a rotating basis. These SEL leaders start as co-facilitators with CDG facilitators, then move up to becoming lead facilitators as they are ready. CDG conducts 15-minute debrief with SEL Team members after each circle.
  4. Cohort 2-4: Every 3 weeks, we start a new Cohort of 25 educators who complete the 6-hour training and then join the ongoing weekly Teacher Discussion Circles. Our goal is to find 2 new discussion leaders within each new cohort.
  5. By the end of the 12 week program, we will have trained 4 Cohorts (100 teachers), and 12 SEL Team members who can facilitate or co-facilitate Teacher Discussion Circles.