The CLRS Approach: Practical Tools for Discovery and Connection

A Framework for Working with Students

A self-paced online course, approx 90 minutes.

Students are complex. Their brains aren't fully developed, they've likely experienced some trauma in their lives, being at school this year is upsetting, and their best friend just insulted them.

And it goes on and on from there. We're sure you can relate.

The struggles you experience in the classroom are pretty normal for children of all ages.

Now there is a simple, proven framework that allows you to handle these upsetting events and manage your own emotions more effectively in those moments.

I've learned how to respond to powerful emotions and help our students self-regulate in these difficult situations.

Reconnecting & Re-engaging with Your Students

Four 90-minute Zoom meetings for teachers, administrators, and support staff.

This course helps teachers, administrators, and support staff to become more confident, resourceful, and insightful during interactions with youth.

Through ample exploration, practice, and personalized feedback, participants learn how to go off-script, and handle more complexity with ease.

Practice in large and small-group interactions, with multiple opportunities to use what you’re learning with coaching and feedback.


  • More confidence and ease when speaking with students and colleagues
  • How to be curious when you don’t know what to do
  • Ways to be authentic and show empathy without giving away your power
  • Tools and approaches for supporting challenging conversations
  • Ways to let go of the inner pressure to “get it right”