Effective tools to build teacher-student relationships

A Simple Approach to Connection

As we come out of the pandemic, we understand that students and teachers are still feeling unprecedented levels of stress, uncertainty, and anxiety. Our tools will help you re-establish and reconnect in meaningful ways with your students, colleagues, friends, and family.

Our Simple Approach to Connection is a set of tools and skills that you can use when meeting a student for the first time, when dealing with an angry outburst, or when you find a student crying alone in the hallway.

Sharing and Support

A sense of connection is a core human need

We train educators and staff in emotional intelligence skills to quickly build trust and connection with every student.

Our approach fosters authenticity, genuine listening, and compassionate support so that students and staff uncover solutions to their problems, and find the relief and support that comes in sharing and connecting with others.

  • Learn how to build interpersonal connections quickly.
  • Create more trust with co-workers, students, family and friends.
  • Learn how to train others in this approach.
A simple and effective approach

How do we do it?

Our simple approach is called CLRS: Curiosity, Listen, Respect, and Support.


Curiosity means to clear your mind of any preconceptions, judgments or experiences so that you can be completely open to discovery as you listen.


Listen means to focus completely on what the other person is saying with your only goal being to learn more. We call this “Genuine Listening” because you bring no agenda to your listening; there is nothing to ‘solve’ or an endpoint to reach in your conversation.


Respect means to treat the other person as your equal in dignity and worth as a human being. You withhold judgment about their feelings or actions and you do not shame or blame them for their choices or behaviors.


Support means to help the person work through their emotions, uncover other possible solutions to their problems, and find the relief that comes in sharing and connecting with others.
What if we adults could adopt a few simple techniques to help kids make good decisions, free up their own authentic wisdom, AND build closer relationships?
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Deep and meaningful connections

What are the Benefits of our Approach?

It is our fundamental belief that people want better connections with each other at work, home, school, and with friends. Our hectic lives and reliance on social media have made meaningful connections more challenging than ever.

Our CLRS approach provides a way to build those connections quickly. This approach has many benefits.

Trust building

More trusting relationships with co-workers and colleagues

Closer relationships

Closer relationships with friends, family and significant others

Enhanced Mental Health

Support student mental health, including depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.
Testimonials from happy clients

Success Stories

  • I’m getting training on how to listen to middle school students, the ideas of acceptance and listening, and the importance of not trying to fix anyone. We just listen to kids talk, and that’s the most important thing we can do.
    Matt Jones
    From a Circle Dynamics training in Colorado
  • This experience has been invaluable to me because I’m learning what I don’t know. And I’m learning how much better I can be in working with students.
    Rick Hunter
    Founder of Resilient People Initiative
  • I noticed right away how tuned in Larry is. He can read our body language and read the people in our group and knows where to put his attention, his focus. It’s a good skill for me to recognize -- I can take this idea and be more aware of the whole background situation while I’m listening to one person.
    From a Circle Dynamics training in Colorado
  • With a Master's degree in psychology, I thought I knew how to handle a lot of different situations. Then I started using CLRS and my relationship with the teens we serve and with our staff has dramatically improved. I find I can connect quickly with teens I've never met before. I'm stepping into leadership with grace, and without stress.
    Ben Castro
    Program Director, The Launch Pad Teen Center
  • What I’m learning is that kids just want someone to listen to them. The art of listening is everything!
    From a Circle Dynamics training in Colorado
  • Martha
    After only 30 minutes, I feel inspired and connected. . . and I discovered there is a lot of power in just being curious.
    Martha Levenson
    Paraprofessional, Seattle Public Schools
  • Jeff Brown
    Just want to let you know we had our first circle on Friday morning before we started class and it went very well. I explained what we’re doing and the kids got right into it right away. A few of them that rarely speak opened up big time and I understood what made them tick because they were talking about relationships at home how that affects them at school. They also talked about their frustration with other kids bullying them. I have been with these students for 6 months and I’d never known this. Thank you for showing me a new way to really connect with my students!
    Jeff Brown
    SPED teacher, Bradshaw Mountain High School

Ethan's Personal Journey

Over the course of two years, I’ve been able to overcome challenges in my life, like facing myself and looking at who I want to be, and then changing my life so that I can achieve that and be a better person.


  • I’ve also overcome my urge to use drugs.
  • I’m now I’m more able to help and support my family because we don’t have what everybody else has.
  • I think it’s really cool that I’ve been able to turn my life around like that.
  • Now I think of myself more positively and I feel good about who I am.
  • I found I can take that to other kids and help them feel better about themselves.
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A high school teacher

"​I took off my 'teacher hat' and just started being myself, relating to my students."


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