Effective tools to build teacher-student relationships

Applied Emotional Intelligence Skills for Educators

Students and teachers are still facing unprecedented levels of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety. Yet what we all want is some space, some calm, and deeper connections with our students, co-workers, loved ones, and friends.

Our tools will help you re-establish and reconnect in meaningful ways with all the people in your life and with yourself; the person that you were before "all this happened."

A simple and effective approach

Our framework is known as the "CLRS Approach"

Curiosity, Listen, Respect, and Support


Curiosity means to clear your mind of any preconceptions, judgments or experiences so that you can be completely open to discovery as you listen.


Listen means to focus completely on what the other person is saying with your only goal being to learn more. We call this “Genuine Listening” because you bring no agenda to your listening; there is nothing to ‘solve’ or fix, no endpoint you need to reach in your conversation.


Respect means to treat the other person as your equal in dignity and worth as a human being. You withhold judgment about their feelings or actions and do not shame or blame them for their choices and behavior.


Support means to help the person work through their emotions, uncover other possible solutions to their problems, and affirm that they have the power within themselves to change whatever issue is in front of them.
What if we adults could adopt a few simple techniques to help kids make good decisions, free up their own authentic wisdom, AND build closer relationships?
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Sharing and Support

Our approach fosters authenticity, genuine listening, and compassionate support.

Students and staff uncover solutions to their problems, and find the relief and support that comes in sharing and connecting with others.

  • Expand your Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program.
  • Learn how to build interpersonal connections quickly.
  • Create more trust with co-workers, students, family and friends.
  • Learn how to help others manage their emotions.
  • Get certified in the CLRS approach.

Being Present and Authentic

Education today is no longer simply a domain of knowledge and expertise. It is a practice of emotional management and authenticity. Circle Dynamics Group designs and delivers programs that enhance the social-emotional development of educators and students.

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Deep and meaningful connections

The Benefits

Our CLRS approach provides a way to build connections quickly and supports current SEL programs.

SEL involves managing our emotions, it isn't about control, subordination, or conforming. It's about finding our truth and navigating emotions effectively, leading us to find ways to achieve our goals, support others, and maintain well-being.

It is our fundamental belief that people want better connections with each other. The stress and anxiety in our lives, coupled with our reliance on social media, have made it more essential, and yet more difficult, to form meaningful connections.

Tools that you know how to apply

Move away from conventional training models and get practical tools you can use in the classroom. Be authentic and show empathy without giving away your power.

Enhanced support from your peers

Receive ongoing peer-to-peer coaching and support.

Enhanced emotional intelligence

Learn how to manage your emotions and the emotions of others. Real tools that you know how to apply.
Testimonials from happy clients

Success Stories

  • Teacher
    Excellent! We all need more of this training! Great discussions and tools to help students identify and articulate their feelings and move toward healing. Our students need this now!
    Prescott Unified School District
  • Teacher
    This was one of the best PD sessions I have ever attended! I learned practical ways to connect with students using tools I already use in my class but was given the opportunity to go deeper.
    Prescott Unified School District
  • Teacher
    I learned strategies on how to get my students more engaged in conversation and be better listeners.
    Prescott Unified School District
  • Teacher
    This is exactly what our students have been dealing with since the pandemic started. It was great to have another tool we can use to make those important connections between each other.
    Prescott Unified School District
A high school teacher

"​I took off my 'teacher hat' and just started being myself, relating to my students."


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